Web-editor(s) wanted !  Currently it's just Sam & Eleanor for all admin . . .
  • our print readers tell us how much they enjoy our publication
  • ideally we would concentrate on editing print magazines, with others more web-knowledgeable volunteering to run a website.
We would like to be set up formally as a charity or CIC; a volunteer to take this on would be most welcome.

About Folklife's publications

"Folklife":  publishers, in print & online.  A non-profit group of volunteers.
Read our publications free online ! 
Brief details below; more details on About

Folklife West

Print, or PDF*; copied online.
This site, Folklife West

* Paid-for PDFs are emailed to you via WeTransfer.

Folklife Traditions

Print; copied online,
free PDF downloads from website.

Folklife's Directory

Online only.
Free entries! with live links. Includes a Zoom page.

Websites note

The separate sites will be added to this site.  Journal site to be added in summer, Directory later in the year.

Folk  What's On

A leaflet with the adverts from FW.
Print, copied online, free PDF download from this website,
webpage πŸ„΅πŸ…† Folk What's On

⎈ About Folklife publishers, print & online

See Home for a brief introduction to Folklife West; and see βŽˆ Info for admin details (membership, sales/discounts, adverts, etc).

"Folklife" :   publishers, in print & online. A non-profit group of volunteers.

All free-to-read online; on phones, the πŸ„΅πŸ…† A4-size pages become too small to read (the images give you a general idea, & you can always buy a copy of FW !)
  • Websites, not social media, so available to all - no social-media-style sign-up needed to read our websites! ​
  • Free images of entire print magazines ! Even better, read the real thing - in print or as a pdf ~ details below
  • 4 publications:  illustrated below; followed by more details for each.
  • πŸ„΅πŸ…†  FOLKLIFE WEST on this site: βŽˆ This issue online,  posted, or as a paid-for PDF (which we email you via WeTransfer).
  •          πŸ„΅πŸ…†  FOLK WHAT'S ON on this site: πŸ„΅πŸ…† Folk What's On, a print leaflet which is simply just the adverts from FW.
  • πŸ„΅πŸ„³ FOLKLIFE'S ONLINE DIRECTORY on www.folklife-directory.uk, Free entries! online only, with live links. Includes a Zoom page.
  • πŸ„΅πŸ…ƒπŸ„Ή FOLKLIFE TRADITIONS JOURNAL on www.folklife-traditions.uk, posted, or free PDF downloads, plus archive of all issues, all with PDFs to download !

Keeping Folk In Touch     Join our free "Updates email list.  This covers all 3 publications - see UPDATES webpage

Folklife West
is copied to  this site

Folk news, from Folklife members,  40-48 pages. 
  • your music session, club guests, gigs, new album, festivals, workshops, Festivals & Workshops Diary 
  • Up to 160 words (more if advert) for each news item. Plus an optional small photo/image.
3 x year: FW print dates (& deadlines): 
    JAN (20 Nov). MAY (20 Mar). SEP (20 Jul).
UPDATES: on the  
UPDATES webpage

Folklife Traditions Journal
is copied to 

Researched articles, societies' news16-20 pages.
  • Free download, archive of all past issues.
  • News is from folklife societies, researchers, and book publishers. 
  • up to 160 words (more if advert). Plus an optional small photo/image eg book cover.
​​2 x year: FTJ print dates (& deadlines):
​    MAR (by 1 Feb). NOV (1 Oct)

​UPDATES: FTJ site, on FTJ: UPDATES webpage

Folklife's Directory
is online-only, and is on

Free-entry UK and world Directory listings
(not: dated events, such as festivals) 
DIRECTORY headings - see that website

Basic listings (no dates) :
basic details, such as name/web/media,plus brief description up to 40 words

We can draft entries for you, for you to approve or change, just email sam@folklife.uk  with your website details.  Or send in details, in our format - see  folklife-directory.uk



Also on this site, quite separate from Folklife: